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Steps to Protect Your Files And Folders with Password

Password Protect Your Files And Folders

password protectI will now tell you How To Password Protect A File/s or Folder/s. RAR is the extension of a software named WinRAR with which you can Password Protect A Folder or a File/s.

This software comes with 30 day trial offer with no limitations

You can download it from here:

After installing it follow below steps to know How To Password Protect A Rar File:

01. Now Choose for which file or folder (or both) you want to apply Password Protection, Select that File/Folder or Files/Folders [Press Ctrl+Select Multiple Files]
In my example I have chosen a File and a Folder to Password Protect:
password protect

Right Click them and you will see New options. Select Add to archive... Option:
password protect

Now click on Advanced tab and choose Set Password... Option:
password protect

03. Once there, Enter password and repeat same for Reenter password for verification and press Ok
password protect

Now as you can see there are two more options in above picture, one is to Show password, and as the name implies it Shows you the Password only while entering and the other is Encrypt file names, what this option will do is, whenever anyone tries to Open your Protected file, He or she has to enter the password first to see even the filelist. These two options are completely optional.

04. Now click on General tab and after choosing the File name press Ok
password protect

You are successfully made a Password Protected File.

Now whenever someone tries to extract your files to access them, He/She has to enter the password first
password protect

Besides this simple Password Protection you can also choose few extra options while packing it in general tab. If you have any doubt about anything feel free to ask me and I will help you.

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Don't just read but APPLY it to improve your security on the PC!!!!!!!! biggrin wacko tongue surprised

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