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The developers of the company Opera Software again praised the software market for handheld devices. However, this time the fruit of their intellectual activity was not a new version of Opera Mini, a large-scale modernization of the server platform, dedicated to the processing of visitors view Web content. As a result of upgrades mobile browser, not only become more nimble and has received a number of improvements, but also got a useful tool to configure the advanced program.

To gain access to hidden settings of Opera Mini, you must enter in the address bar "opera: config" (without the quotes), then the program will ask for an Internet connection and open up a special web page that allows a convenient graphical mode to produce a correction current browser settings, but more precisely - its back end.

All options available for change, we counted seven of them (it is possible that over time they will be more). The list is as follows:

Large placeholder for images - used to customize the display of empty squares on the ground disconnected images.

Fit text to screen - indicates whether to use the alignment of text on the page width.

Show feed index - enables / disables informing the user that an observer on the RSS-supported content syndication.

Fold RSS feed bodies - controls the reading room settings, RSS-feeds, causing it to turn off text messages, leaving only their titles.

Fold link lists - controls the clotting mechanism of a list of links on the page in a separate compact menu.

Phone number detection - enables / disables a browser recognition of telephone numbers for the current page (if this option is enabled, the user can directly from the application window for the selected phone number).

Minimum phone number length - specifies the minimum number of digits for phone numbers, defined by the program when the option Phone number detection.

All changes are recorded browser only after you press Save. Experience has shown that sometimes have to restart "minioperu" that changes have had an effect. Here, perhaps, all you need to know to work with additional settings, Opera Mini. We use.(THIS TRICK WORKS IN OPERA MINI ONLY)


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Enjoy your operamini handlers!!!!!!!!!!!

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