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Klondike And Skyfire Browsers


Klondike is a wap browser for PC. Normaly you can't open wap pages especially wml pages with desktop browsers. Maybe this will help you to browse those wml pages with your PC.
Download here.
The browser and other utilities will be downloaded later by that app

Skyfire Browser New Beta .8 Released

Skyfire is a new experience that brings the full internet to your mobile. Watch videos on YouTube or Hulu, connect with your friends on Myspace or Facebook, shop on Amazon or listen to music. Can you do it on your computer at home? Then you can do it on Skyfire on the go.
Skyfire is fast, easy to use and available for free on many smart phone models.
Skyfire 0.8 Beta is a new beta release of Skyfire for Windows Mobile (version 5 or 6). This release has been enhanced with both requests from our active community and new additions that we think will make Skyfire a better experience.

What's new in Skyfire 0.8 Beta:
Skyfire 0.8 Beta has been under development for the past 4 months, integrating more than 1000 fixes and enhancements. The major focus of this release was to enhance usability, make the experience smoother, increase responsiveness, and improve audio and video quality.

    * Contextual Zoom: Let's you simply and quickly get to exactly where you want to be on the page. Skyfire's zooming capability has been improved, and now the camera corners feature shows you a match with major screen elements within its view.
    * Super Bar: Use our handy new SuperBar to perform a search or enter a URL from a single field - it's a great time and space saver that is easily accessible.
    * Content sharing: You can now share web content by SMS. We even make the URL short enough that it will fit easily into a SMS text message. Especially useful for the really long URL's used by many sites. You can now also share Skyfire itself with friends by SMS or email.
    * Faster application launch: Skyfire launches much more quickly so you to get your content quicker.
    * Video and audio: We've improved the quality of both video and audio, so you can enjoy a smoother playback experience.
    * Reconnect - Skyfire will automatically reconnect, so you don't need to restart when your wireless connection is dropped.
    * Default browser: Now you can set Skyfire as your default browser. Clicking Web links in SMS or Email messages will automatically start Skyfire.
    * Enhanced text entry allows you to more easily complete web forms right within a page. First you can enter the text right on the page. Plus you automatically move to the next form element (text field, list, radio button, or checkbox) after you have made a form entry using the 'OK' or 'Enter' keys.
    * Content download: Allows you to download images and other content from most web pages.
    * Home screen integration: Allows you to add a Skyfire search and URL bar to your Windows Mobile Today screen, so you can enter what you are looking for right away without first starting Skyfire.
    * Mobile site support: If a website also has a mobile version, Skyfire can optionally hint to you about the availability of a mobile alternative. With the new mobile site indicator, you'll get a quick link to access the mobile version - then you can decide if you want the mobile or full website.
    * Bookmarks have been significantly enhanced - giving you much better control.
    * Additionally we enhanced the start page: have the top news items accessible immediately via a headline widget.
Hera I uploading Skyfire 0.8 Beta is a new beta release of Skyfire for Windows Mobile (version 5 or 6)

Skyfire bm.PNG

Skyfire history.PNG

Skyfire menu1.PNG

Skyfire menu.PNG

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