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Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate USB 3.0 64 GB

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate USB 3.0 64 GB

USB Flash drives are known for their portability, but the capacity and speed were always found lacking. While a few have managed to get them up to speeds like portable USB 2.0 hard drives and with eSATA interface, this has largely been a neglected area. Now with the advent of USB 3.0, we have a chance to get past this hindrance and really fast USB Flash drives are finally seeing the light of the day.

Today we have a USB 3.0 Flash drive from Kingston - DataTraveler Ultimate USB 3.0 64 GB, which is expected to break the speed records held by previous USB Flash drives we have tested. Read on to find out if it met our performance expectations.

The Flash drive comes in a nice transparent blister pack. A USB extension cable would have allowed you to plug it into a rear USB port, but unfortunately, this has not been provided with this drive. Instead, a small Y-type USB cable is provided to connect the drive to USB 2.0 ports, but this is quite short and not really an extension cable. Since this is a USB 2.0 cable, even if you use it to connect the drive to a USB 3.0 port, the drive will still function at USB 2.0 speeds. A small lanyard is provided to attach to the drive.
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