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How To Update Drivers In Windows XP Part 1

How To Update Drivers In Windows XP Part 1

Learn the easy and hard way on how to update drivers in Windows XP. Follow this easy step by step tutorial with screen shots!

Now today I am going to show you how to download and install drivers in Windows XP but first I want to save you a lot of time and frustration by telling you about the software I used.

How To Update Drivers In Windows XP

Don’t be a sucker, update your drivers the easy way.

Say hello to Driver Robot, your next best friend to your computer.  If you want to save yourself a lot of work and quickly make your computer run faster and smoother then you need Driver Robot.  When my friend told me to download it I laughed and said I could just find the drivers myself.  What I didn’t know was that there were a lot more drivers than I realized that I needed.  And a lot of them weren’t even available online.

Driver Robot is going to go out and get all your driver updates for Windows XP automatically.  All you have to do is click a button.  Don’t think there is much to getting all your drivers updated?  Well have a look at this list.  Theses are all the things you need to consider if you are going to update your drivers manually.

Click here to download Driver Robot

Here is a good list of all the devices that you will have to manually search for to update, download and install your latest drives.

  • Sound card drivers: If your system has an outdated sound card driver, you might hear weird popping and snapping noises during playback (especially in video games). Certain sound card features, like surround sound, optical in/out, or firewire, might not function. A missing sound card driver will usually mean that your PC’s sound won’t work at all. Driver Robot’s device database has driver updates for every single Windows XP & Vista-compatible sound card.
  • Printer drivers: While Windows XP & Vista do come with a few drivers for generic and popular printers, you still need the latest driver from the printer manufacturer to get advanced functionality like ink level monitoring, print quality control, and other printer features. Driver Robot’s printer driver database spans dozens of printer manufacturers – we guarantee that Driver Robot will have drivers for your printer.
  • Video card drivers: Windows can usually function without a video card driver update, but if you want to use your screen’s full resolution, play games, or watch movies, you need to install video drivers from the manufacturer. Be careful, though – installing the wrong driver can cause screen artifacts, random crashes, and poor performance. Use Driver Robot to update your video card. Driver Robot has drivers for every single XP & Vista-compatible video card.
  • Motherboard drivers: Your system will usually function properly without motherboard drivers, but for maximum stability you should always be running the latest motherboard driver updates from the manufacturer.
  • Webcam drivers: Many webcams have advanced features that are only accessible if you have the manufacturer drivers running on your system. Driver Robot can detect and update thousands of different webcams, giving you access to features like color adjustments, quality, servo motor control, and others.
  • Wireless drivers: Because of the flaky nature of wireless networks, having the latest drivers for your wireless card is absolutely critical. Without them, your network connection might drop randomly, freeze your system, or go really slowly. (If you’re missing your wireless driver, the wireless card won’t work at all!) Driver Robot can automatically update your wireless drivers – and if your system is offline, you can use the Driver Robot exporter.
  • Ethernet drivers: Even the latest version of Windows Vista can’t automatically detect and install drivers for all types of Ethernet cards. To get your Ethernet working at maximum speed and efficiency, you need hardware drivers from the manufacturer. Driver Robot can install these for you, even if your computer is offline (by using the Driver Robot exporter).
  • FireWire drivers: Windows might automatically detect your FireWire device, but you still need the most recent FireWire drivers in order to get the maximum possible throughput from your FireWire connection. Driver Robot can update FireWire drivers whether your FireWire port is built in to the motherboard, in an offboard card, or inside your sound card.
  • USB drivers: Just like FireWire, USB usually works without a driver update – unless you want to get full speed out of it! If you’re using an external hard drive or a memory stick and you’re wondering why it takes so long to get files on to it, try using Driver Robot to update your system’s USB drivers.
  • Chipset drivers: Chipset drivers are a critical component to system stability, since they control disk and memory access. Using Driver Robot to get the latest chipset drivers from your manufacturer means that your system will crash less often, respond faster, and get better disk access. Installing chipset drivers should be one of the first things you do after running Windows for the frist time.
  • DVD drivers: Is your DVD drive slow at reading from DVDs or CDs? That’s because while Windows includes basic DVD-reading functionality, true speed comes from having the optimized hardware drivers for your DVD player. Use Driver Robot to automatically update your DVD drive drivers to optimize DVD performance.
  • Mouse drivers: Windows does include a generic mouse driver that works with most pointing devices, but to use features like extra buttons, sensitivity controls, and other adjustments, you need the driver software from your mouse’s manufacturer. Driver Robot’s database includes mouse drivers for every model of mouse produced since 2001.
  • Keyboard drivers: Just like mouse drivers, Windows includes basic keyboard functionality by default – but using extra features like media keys or touchpads requires a driver from the keyboard manufacturer. Driver Robot will automatically install the right driver for your keyboard, letting you use all those extra bells and whistles.
  • Disk drive drivers: Some hard drives require special drivers for Windows to read and write to them correctly. Not using these drivers can lead to degraded disk performance and hard drive errors. Get Driver Robot and use it to update your disk drive drivers and you won’t have to worry about this.
  • Monitor drivers: You’ve just bought a shiny new LCD – so why does the picture look so shoddy? You need the latest monitor drivers from your screen manufacturer for Windows to recognize your monitor and feed it the optimal signal. Use Driver Robot to update your monitor drivers and improve your picture quality.
I wish I could tell you that is all you have, but that is an incomplete list.
On top of all this the software offers a free scan and you have access to free 24 hour support.  This is rare today in the software market.  This software works for all the major Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Stay tunned for the part 2 which is a little bit harder!!!!!!
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