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How To Open Tabs In Notpad
Are you tired of opening new instance of Notepad everytime you open a new Text Document? If the answer to the above question is Yes then you don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can use NotepadTabs to open different Text Documents in the same instance in form of Tabs as in Firefox.




  • Different from classic notepad, ‘Notepad Tabs’ gives the freedom to view multiple text files in a single Notepad just like in IE7 and Firefox, which saves you from the mess in the taskbar.
  • Allows to open txt files with only one click.
  • All the Keyboard Shortcuts present in Notepad works with this New Version.
  • You can easily select and navigate through open tabs in a single Notepad programme.
  • Before closing the application, it allows to save all opened tabs at the same time.
  • User friendly interface gives easy access to frequently used commands.
  • Unlike classic notepad you can choose 6 different themes;
    • Office 2007 Blue
    • Office 2007 Silver
    • Office 2007 Black
    • Sparkle Blue
    • Professional Office 2003
    • Professional System

Useful Tips

  1. To make NotepadTabs the default text editor, right click the txt file and choose "Open With”, then click Browse and go to the NotepadTabs directory under the Program Files and select NotepadTabs.exe. In the "Open With” window, click the checkbox and press OK.
  2. If a problem occurs using NotepadTabs as default text editor after re-installation (second time), you can use CCleaner (CCleaner works fine, is compatible) to clean your computer and then follow the steps explained in 1.
  3. To open a New Tab you can use the keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + T to open a new tab and Ctrl + W to close the current tab.


NotepadTabs is freely available to all. You can download it Here.
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1 seniorkoa   (2011-03-31 3:03 AM) [Gurus Entry]
This is a cool share to all gurus. Keep gurus grow.

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