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How to install a motherboard in a case
How to install a motherboard in a case

Installing the motherboard

1. Remove the side panel from your case

2. Remove the old silver plate from the back, and put in the one that came with your motherboard

3. Now place the motherboard to match the screw holes in the case, and the silver plate at the back
Gurus Should Have A Close Look At This

4. Screw the screws in, but be careful, only screw till you meet a little resistance as you dont want your mobo to crack

5. Thats it. You are done installing the motherboard now, now you need to connect it to the CPU and the rest of your parts (tutorials on how to do this will be available in some months)

Finishing up

1. Put the sidepanel on again.

2. Screw the screws in
Gurus Should Have A Close Look at This

With these I hope you are done.

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3 GreatProf   (2011-06-22 11:52 PM) [Gurus Entry]
That is very good of you Prof.
I will take a close look at it in the control panel.
Please try to let the screenshots be clear for AllGurus to be able to know how and where to put what.
However keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 seniorkoa   (2011-03-25 3:42 PM) [Gurus Entry]
This is very clear and awesome I hope all gurus will find it easy to accomplish this. keep Gurus GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin tongue

1 GreatProf   (2011-03-13 8:59 PM) [Gurus Entry]
Did you had any difficulty in doing it??????????
Post your comments. biggrin wacko tongue

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