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How Gurus select server in UC Browser 7.4 EN Official S60

How to select server in UC Browser 7.4 EN Official S60

How to select server in UC Browser 7.4 English official release for S60 after installation.


As we know UC Browser 7.4 English official release having 4 server languange options can be selected at first instalation (India, Indonesian, US and Other) related with UcBrandInfo.dat file.
In this version have 3 main server value (Bid Value) as:
* 350 (Indonesia)
* 351 (Indian)
* 352 (US & Other)
inside the UcBrowserEn.app (S60v2) and UcBrowserEn_Signed.exe (S60v3 & S60v3) files.


Here my tutorial to switching server form 350 into other Bid (351 & 352) or reversal.
You need an
hex viewer/editor tool like Lcg Xplore or Zntxhan, etc.


I recommended to use Xplore coz its friendly to use.
This the main step to switching server:
1. Open your Xplore go to System=> Apps=> UcBrowserEn (S60v2) folder in C or E disk depending you installing UC Browser. For S60v3 and S60v5 go to Private Folder (but make sure to enable open4all to accessing private folder).


2. Find UcBrandInfo.dat file and open it with hex editor. (on Xplore press key "8".


3. It will showing hex value e.g "02 00 00" on hex screen (in my phone).
4. See the hex value in left side. You will find
"01, 02, 03, or 04" depending with UC Bid you are using now.


5. Now change the value on left e.g. "02" into "01" or "02" then save your work.
This value as related with UC Bid Value (UC Server) which:
- 01 for Indian Server (351)
- 02 for Indonesian Server (350)
- 03 for U.S Server (352) and
- 04 for Other Server (352).


6. To view result for this change you can run UC Browser and go to Menu=> Help=> About. See on text UCWEB Version near Pf27 it will changed to (en-us), (en-id) or (en-in).
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@ Ugaily
Thanks for the correction we really appreciate that. hands hands

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Please gurus some of the text colour do not blend with the background can you chek it for us? However you are great

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Just smile at UC browser biggrin happy wacko

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