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Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling
How to Clean Left Over Driver Files with Driver Sweeper:

Driver Sweeper is very easy to use. You only have to select the drivers you want to clean up.
The best way to clean drivers is to first uninstall the drivers using the official uninstallers, reboot in Safe Mode and run Driver Sweeper. However, rebooting and not going into Safe Mode also works, but can cause some files not to be cleaned.

What can it be used for ?
The current supported drivers are NVIDIA (Display and Chipset), ATI (Display), Creative (Sound), Ageia (PhysX), MMouse and Realtek (Sound).

All the settings are saved in an ini file. Nothing is created in the registry, so it's possible to use it as a portable program. Log files can be saved to the harddisk and viewed as well. You can find the logs under the Tools menu.

System requirements:
The Driver Sweeper is fully tested on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows & 7 RC. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

More info and revision history can be found here:

Version 2.9.0 - 26-02-11


- Added Intel - Chipset cleaning.
- Some layout changes.


- Renamed ATi - Display to AMD - Display.
- Improved AMD - Display cleaning.
- Improved ASUS - Sound cleaning.
- Improved Creative - Sound cleaning.
- Improved NVIDIA - Display cleaning.
- Improved directory restore.
- Replaced local documentation with online documentation.


- False positive warning during install.

Version 2.8.5 - 22-01-11


- Improved ATi - Display cleaning.
- Improved NVIDIA - Display cleaning.
- Improved Microsoft - Keyboard cleaning.


- Not able to restore all files and directories.
- Windows 7 Service Pack 1 issues.
- Backup size information not placed correctly after resizing main window.
- Empty border around the main window (Windows XP).

Version 2.8.0 - 18-12-10


- Close application with Ctrl+W.


- Improved ATi - Display cleaning.
- Improved NVIDIA - Display cleaning.
- Improved update notification.
- Improved overall performance.
- Increased timeout for update.


- Backup screen exception when Tahoma font is not installed properly.
- Some potential exceptions.

1. Download and Install the Program
You can download the program here: http://phyxion.net/Driver-Sweeper/Dr...Installer.html

The current version is 2.9.0 (this will be updated when a new version comes out) after installing the program you NEED to run the program as "Administrator", if you don't you will receive a error message and will not be able to run the program.
2. Running the ProgramA) Uninstall the driver from Programs and Features within the Control Panel as your usually would, restart the computer if needed.

B) Run the program, select the driver you wish to clean by clicking on the check box.
Hope This Screenshot Will Help All Gurus

C) After clicking the drivers you with to clean you can do one of two things you can click the Analyse button to see what is left over or you can click Clean to clean the left over files and registry entries straight away.
Hope This Screenshot Will Help All Gurus

D) Afterwards you will be prompted to Restart the computer, after this is done you can install the new drivers
Just Enjoy.........

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