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Download New Opera Mini Mod 3.11

Download New Opera Mini Mod 3.11

This is new release of OM mod 3.11 English java version.
Try this and put your comments
Opera 3.11 new feature added:
1. copy, paste and templates to create a folder / file, as well as the use of the selected folders or selected files as a template a name for the file or folder, respectively.
2. Hold boot. Setting the date and time when you need to start the download. It works both in a single download, and when downloading the list. Hold loading added to the list in the form of injection to pause. The timer checks the time every minute. After restarting the program automatically starts a countdown timer, that is enter the loader and activate it is not necessary.
ATTENTION! BEFORE updated version needs to be completed ALL PREVIOUS injection, as PRESERVATION OF SETTING UP LISTS, LISTS OF EXPORT, injection in the window STATUS FROM PREVIOUS VERSION not to rebuild!
3. Pause all users working with incoming calls or the telephone system winding down applications or other operations, giving application to a pause, is included in the presence of a jackdaw.
4. When choosing a hot button on the function, there is verification of employment nabrannoy combinations and the withdrawal of the title role, as set by this combination.
5. Go to the window of loader menu-go-window status.
6. Support for HTTP-proxy. ONLY CMWAP, ie not a standard HTTP-proxy.

12.09.08 Slow optimization of bookmarks.
12.09.08 When you edit elected, to use copy-paste, disappeared team OK and Cancel to exit from the editing was impossible.
01.09.08 Correct adding RSS feeds to your bookmarks.
22.08.08 FTP: No timeout was included in the aploade and when reading server response.
13.08.08 In the file name, created the program in the absence of a name server, or specified user, was not correct move.
13.08.08 AutoSave timer settings included only after the team retained in the settings, and should have been and when you start.
13.08.08 Downloads standing in anticipation of time to run, could not be run manually.
6.08.08 Exclusion excess real size of the file if you ask him a segment in the tests blocks.
5.08.08 is not always determined by the size of the file in requesting information about the link.
5.08.08 Otmenennaya set the time to download the list, blocked the selection of the Download list.
2.08.08 Exclusion launch postponed downloaded more than the maximum set at the same time zakachivaemyh.
2.08.08 Error adding to the list of files to download, on hot.
29.07.08 Fixing pause downloads when calling.
26.07.08 error in zagruzchike when connecting through links with authorization.
18.07.08 In bookmarks, the reference species: ... / f? Kw =% e9% ad% 94% e5% 85 ... transcode in: ... / f? kw = s "e ... ...
18.07.08 Error loading lifting and come back and move on the links on this page.
17.07.08 The "big" pages ceased to operate, pressing the stylus.
17.07.08 Do not resumed after loading errors.
17.07.08 Error in moving to the cache.
16.07.08 It is not always determined by the name of the attachment.
15.07.08 The upgrade will turn and run the new injection, a window of downloading.
14.07.08 Can be added to the list to load the uncertain (there is sometimes) links.
12.07.08 An attempt to remedy the "errorcode = 33.
12.07.08 Not prorisovyvalsya variable traffic in the upper curb, with tests and have a lot of edits in the loader.
11.07.08 In zagruzchike not see the state of pause. Repeat loading was not always correct.
02.07.08 In topic about memory consumption.
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1 seniorkoa   (2011-03-06 1:25 AM) [Gurus Entry]
Gurus should work on it!!!

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