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Compass 4.1 for all j2me phones

Compass 4.1 for all j2me phones

As a Guru, you can use your cell phone as a compass. By rotating the phone so that the sun and/or moon icons match their location in the sky, the top of the phone will indicate true north. It is a very small but powerful app. support all java phones even all brand e.g.nokia ,SE, samsung,motorola etc.          Version 4.1 *.Fixed failure to load world map on Nokia 3rd edition phones. *.Improved format of info on Nokia phones. *.Reduced size of JAR by compressing world map images. *.Enlarged list of valid time zones for a given location. *.Improved "Please Wait" form with cancel option. *.Restored "Color" display option. Restored display of GTM. New icon.   *.Enter 3 or 4 letter airport code to indicate position instead of latitude and longitude. Airport database contains over 3000 airports, but consumes only 21K. *.Latitude / longitude entry is still permitted, and the problem with negative number entry is avoided by selecting North / South and West / East. *.Shows the great circle heading towards locations of religious significance. This feature provides the appropriate direction to face while praying for people of various faiths. *.Orientation options allow the screen to face down rather than up, and the top of the phone can point toward the sun or moon rather than North. *.Display options allow the color of the display to be selected. Different colors are available for day and night. *.Menu provides "Help" option to describe each selection. *.Display is automatically updated every 10 minutes. *.Displays "No Sun or Moon" if neither is present in the sky. enjoy if like plz reply





     You are a guru to know this!!!
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Enjoy using your phone as a compass happy biggrin wacko

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