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Better Ways to get Regular Visitors to your Blog

Better Ways to get Regular Visitors to your Blog

I have seen so many starting to blog and then leave in the middle just because of the reason that they cannot earn anything. Believe me, Blogging is not a joke, as it needs loads of patience and commitment. It is not that easy to get visitors as well, as you might need to work hard to get those. Traffic, this is the most important thing that you must focus on which will increase your earnings and authority as well.

There are two types of Traffic, one is immediate traffic which you get when you are advertising on social media or when you write some hot stories, these drain the next day. Next Traffic is Steady Traffic, which will give you regular and consistent visitors for your blog around the year. Which is the best? Of course it is the second one.

If you are looking for some ways to develop your steady traffic then you must read the below points which might help you in getting that.

1. Spiders:

You might be confused after reading the heading, spiders is nothing but search engine crawlers. You may think this as a basic one but believe me this is one of the best methods to get consistent traffic even after months, I have optimized my Medifast discounts and Nutrisystem coupons blog for a keyword before years but still I am getting traffic from search engines. It is always advised to go with the Search Engine Optimization investments other than the Social Media Investments as SM give only immediate traffic. So make use of the spiders to get the maximum exposure.

2. Forum Posting:

This is one of the best methods that I have found to be useful. Search for forums in your niche and register in some good forums. Make sure you add a link back in your signature to your site this will also be posted when you leave a comment/post in the forum. One best advantage of this method is that you will get targeted traffic from these forums as well. So you will even get visitor from a post in this forum which you have left before a year.

3. Subscribers:

Subscribers are your golden eggs do not let them away by any chance. Try to improve your subscribers lit by placing the sign up option predominant in your site, giveaway free goodies and conduct contests to increase the count. This is one of the healthy ways to get regular flow of traffic to your blog.

4. Blog Commenting:

Believe me, this is the best way for not only getting steady traffic but also to get popular in the blogosphere. Try to leave comments on all the blogs in your niche as these will get you new visitors and backlinks as well. Try to comment something useful in other blogs as site owners will not approve spam comments.

5. Guest Blog:

This is also a way using which you can increase your brand at the same time Guest blogging helps in getting traffic as well. If you make a killer post in a good blog then it can help you to get new visitors for sure. Your blogpost will be on the blog for ever so you will receive steady traffic, but do remember to reply to all the comments you get on the blogs as those visitors can turn your readers anytime.

6. Fresh Content:

Last but not the least always post fresh and unique content. I am sure you must have heard a famous phrase, "Content is the King”. If you post some good fresh contents in your blog then I am sure you will have loads of returning visitors which accounts for a steady traffic.

If you feel I have missed anything then do add it via comments!!

Comments are always appreciated!!!

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1 seniorkoa   (2011-03-25 4:44 PM) [Gurus Entry]
Wow then Gurus need to adopt some of these strategies in order to help us grow. Let all help in achieving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin tongue surprised

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