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Apple Mac OSX Free VPN Account

Use Free VPN to secure internet access for privacy and anonymity

It's easy to use our PPTP based free VPN in your computers and devices, just uses the built-in PPTP protocol free VPN client in most of OS, mobile phones and network appliances without installing any additional VPN software:

Apple's latest Leopard OSX pushes iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air and Mac mini to highest level of end user experience as desktop computers. The Free VPN connection from our service adds more security and accessibility features to this best-in-the-art Operation System. Through Mac system's built-in PPTP VPN client, it takes only minutes to use our high quality VPN service in Apple's desktop platform to improve Safari web browsing performance and unblock Facebook or Myspace web sites.
This is how my gurus should go about it:
  • From Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), click Top Left Apple Icon,  then click "System Preferences..." menu item, in opened Window, click "Network" icon;
  • In opened Network window, Click on the '+' button at bottom left corner, in the next opened window, input the following, then click "Create" button;

                      Interface:  VPN
                   VPN Type:  PPTP
            Service Name:  
    BestFreeVPN   Apple Mac OSX leopard PPTP VPN configuration

  • In the next window, enter the VPN account information as below, don't change other options, then click Apply button;

             Server address:  bestfreevpn.com
             Account Name:  free
    Add Free VPN connection to MacBook Apple leopard system
  • Click the Advanced... button and under the Options tab make sure to check Send all traffic over VPN Connection option, click OK button, click Apply button again.

          Configure PPTP VPN to Apple computer for secure web browsing experience
  • Now click Connect button in the middle of the window, from the Internet Connect window, please use the most up-to-date 6 digits password 690926 in the password field, click "OK" button to start your free OSX VPN connection!Connect Apple notebook and desktop to VPN network
  • Now you are connected to our most popular Best Free VPN service from Apple Macintosh computer, start your smooth and secure internet surfing experience now!
  • To guarantee everyone has same priority to use the free PPTP VPN, the VPN account password will be changed every 8 to 24 hours, bookmark this page and visit back for most up-to-date PPTP account password;

  • We guarantee end users will get 1.2Mbit/s download speed and 512Kbit/s upload speed for each free VPN session;

  • To maintain high quality service, P2P and BT traffic are disallowed

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