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How to Send a TV Satellite Program to a Digibox

The DigiBox is a popular and advanced satellite TV receiver that's used to tune in program information from a satellite provider. The receiver is an essential component of any satellite TV system; it's the device that actually converts the signal from an orbiting satellite into a form that can be watched as TV programming on your TV, as well as downloading program guide information and many other convenient features. If you are in possession of a DigiBox receiver and need to have satellite program information sent to it, you can do so in just a few basic steps.


  1. Contact different satellite providers and inquire if your DigiBox receiver is compatible with your service. Compatibility depends on numerous different factors, including the exact type of satellite service, your geographic location, type of satellite system used and many others. Once you have settled on a provider that offers satellite service that is compatible with your DigiBox receiver, you are ready to proceed.

  2. Activate the DigiBox receiver by having the provider send authorization signals to it. Alternatively, you can have the satellite provider's install technician install and activate the receiver as part of the general service installation. Once activated, you should begin to receive satellite service on your TV.

  3. Check all the features for which you subscribe to make sure the DigiBox receiver is fully active. First, run through all your channels and your channel guide to make sure everything is showing without any error messages. Also check any additional features you may have subscribed to like DVR recording. If everything works without error, you have successfully activated your DigiBox receiver and your satellite provider will continue to send TV programs to it for your enjoyment.

How to Record Satellite TV Programs Into a DVB-T Digibox

The DVB-T Digibox is a powerful satellite receiver unit that can be used in conjunction with a satellite TV provider to give access to satellite TV programming. Many home TV viewers encounter the problem of wanting to watch a program that is airing when they are away from their TV. Rather than miss the program altogether, many choose to record the program and save a copy of it on their satellite receiver's internal hard drive for future viewing. This is called digital video recording (DVR), and you can use it on your Digibox DVB-T receiver in just a few simple steps.


  1. Contact your satellite provider and see if your Digibox DVB-T is DVR-capable. If it is not, you will first need to upgrade to a different receiver that does support DVR recording. If compatibility is not an issue, however, you are ready to proceed.

  2. Add DVR service to your satellite account if you do not have it already. This will most likely involve an extra service charge on your monthly service rate.

  3. Verify that the service has been added to your account by attempting to record the program you are currently watching. If the program records without error, press "Stop" and call up the recording to make sure it plays back with no issues. If it does, you are ready to continue using DVR service with your Digibox satellite receiver.

How to Connect a TV to a Digibox

A Digibox is a small digital satellite receiver used by individuals who subscribe to Sky Broadcasting. Sky Broadcasting is a provider that focuses mainly in the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you do reside in the area and receive satellite service from Sky Broadcasting, you need to know how to connect the Digibox to your television. The initial setup may be performed by installation technician, but it is good to know in case you rearrange your room.


Things You'll Need:

  • Digibox
  • Television
  • Coaxial cable
  1. Set up the television and Digibox near where the cable running from the satellite receiver runs. When the equipment is first installed, the technician typically sets this up around windows on the same side of the house or apartment as the satellite dish.

  2. Connect the satellite's RF modulator cable (coaxial cable) into the "In" port on the rear of the Digibox receiver.

  3. Connect a coaxial cable into the "Out" port on the Digibox receiver. Plug the other end of the cable into the "In" port on the television. It is possible, however, to connect RCA cables between the two devices. RCA cables provide improved audio and video reception than coaxial cables. To connect this cable set, insert the RCA cables into the "Video Out" port on the Digibox receiver and plug the other end of the cables into the "In" port on the television.

  4. Power on the television and the Digibox receiver. If you used RCA cables to connect the two devices, you need to press the "Video" button on your television. From here, use the Digibox remote control to adjust the video programming.

How to Add Channels to the Digital Channel List 

old television image by inacio pires from Fotolia.com

When you initially program your television after connecting digital cable or satellite service to it, the TV scans all available television stations and saves them into its memory. This allows you to skip over channels that you don't receive. However, if you have upgraded your programming, you may need to add channels to the digital channel list on your television so you can view the stations while changing channels.

How gurus Scan the TV.


    • Power on the television and the receiver you have the TV connected to, then press the "Menu" button on the TV's remote control.
    • Select the "Programming" option and a series of different program options appears on the screen.

    • Chose the "Channel Scan" option, then select "Add Channels." If you want to add all newly received stations to your channel list, perform the standard "Channel Scan;" if you only want to add a few new stations, stick with "Add Channels."

    • Type in the station number of the channel you want to add. This adds the station to your digital channel list. Perform the same action for all stations you want to add to the list.

    • Press the "Menu" button to exit out of the Add Channels option when you are finished.

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