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Opera Mini Mod 3.12 Test 22 with Themes

Opera Mini Mod 3.12 Test 22 with Themes

New Opera Mini Mod 3.12 test 22 with Color Themes and modded menus.

This version of opera mini mod is retranslated by me with correction of most of menu items. Its give you better feel ever.

Whats Updated in test 22:
03.02.10 Export / Import FTP-accounts.
31.01.10 In the settings of the FTP account added three new settings - these are general settings for the program. "Show log" - will be kept a log of the last connection. "Truncate log under the screen - in memory will be kept only what fits on the screen. "Keep a list of files in the log" - without comment, except that the lists are ooooch long and heavy. Function for those who have something to catch. Then he can look out the log menu, the list of accounts. The log is set for the last connection, but not for the selected account. Removed when cleaning the cache.
25.01.10 In the FTP added instruction manual coding on the server.
22.01.10 loader specified in the pause before restarting if the download was shut down due to a timeout or an error (if appropriate daw). At 0 download starts immediately. Period poll timer 2 seconds.

27.01.10 For all Nokia models in the request for info on the link specified method "HEAD", instead of "GET". It used to be models 6230i, 6233,6270, due to the fact that the file is downloaded to the buffer.
18.01.10 User √ "mode is turned on or hot. On hot custom drawing will be for those items on which stands a jackdaw in the settings view. Before it was changed on all items.

02.02.10 If you select FTP encoding "No change", Chough at this point was not displayed.
31.01.10 At Nokii in FTP not close the connection and reading the catalog was eternal.
31.01.10 When you view the log FTP was not the correct name.
27.01.10 again for Jbed and buttons Back-Clear.
26.01.10 To specify the program that she works on Jbed, added in a jackdaw configured type (for Toshiba G500 is not automatically determined).
25.01.10 Location command in the input box on Jbed.
24.01.10 at Nokia after two or more simultaneous downloads completed there was an error when playing melodies.
24.01.10 In the loader can not be reset to 0 the pause before restarting pumping.
22.01.10 Edit Location command in the input fields for Nokia.
18.01.10 Edit the file manager for Siemens, on the part of the editing of texts, larger than the size of the text buffer.

New Color Themes Added,try them for feel new look, Download new color skins for new look.
To change skin, you have to import "Royal_Pink.col" or any other .col file from Menu- Tools- Settings- View and select Change Colors. Than click on Menu- Import and import form your phone where Royal_Pink.col file saved. The file is in rar archives and works for all versions of opera mini mod 3.xx.

Screen shoots:



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