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How to Unblock Blocked Websites

How to unblock blocked web sites at school

How to unblock blocked web sites at school
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Schools often attempt to block access to popular websites for a number of reasons. Whether or not these blocks are justified or a waste of time, whether they are a form of censorship or a method of managing resources, are topics that can be debated another time. The bottom line is that it is very simple to bypass these blocks using a number of easy methods, so they are ultimately little more than an annoyance anyway. While you can not ultimately unblock the website, you can circumvent the restriction, so that your Internet connection behaves as if it doesn’t exist. Here is how to unblock blocked websites while you are at school, using a few simple methods.


Things You'll Need:

  • Computer with internet access and a web browser

    How to Unblock Blocked Web Sites at School Using a Translation Service

  1. Translation Web Site
    Translation Web Site

    Begin by going to a free translation web site, such as Google’s language tools, or freetranslation.com. Look for a link that says something along the lines of "web translator” or "web site translator.”

  2. Select your language
    Select your language

    Select the language you want to "translate”. You should select that you are translating from a foreign language into English. English words on the website will remain in English, so you are basically making use of the translation engine without changing any of the words.

  3. Set your destination
    Set your destination

    Type in the URL of the web site that has been blocked by your school and click the translate button.

  4. Great success
    Great success

    You will arrive on a page that has the translation tools in a frame on the top of the page, with the blocked site appearing in the frame below it. Since your school’s Internet connection thinks you are surfing on the translation site, which could be a perfectly normal activity at school, you will not be blocked and have complete access to the website you wanted to unblock.

  5. How to Unblock Blocked Web Sites at School Using a URL Redirection Service

  6. URL redirection service
    URL redirection service

    Begin by visiting a web site that provides URL redirection services. Two popular sites are tinyurl.com and shorturl.com, but you can easily find others by conducting a keyword search.

  7. Your URL
    Your URL

    Type in a new URL that will be your secret web address to get to the site that has been blocked.

  8. It's available
    It's available

    The system will check to see if your desired URL is available. If so, you may claim it to use.

  9. Blocked site Info
    Blocked site Info

    Fill out the required information about yourself (in case you ever want to edit your link) and the blocked site that you are trying to get access to.

  10. Great success
    Great success

    You will be offered a premium account, which costs money. Select the basic account, which is free, and you should now be able to access the blocked site by typing in your private URL. Since the school’s Internet connection thinks you are on the redirection service’s web site, you should be able to access the blocked web site without problem.

  11. How to Unblock Blocked Web Sites at School Using a Web Proxy

  12. Find a proxy
    Find a proxy

    Begin by finding a free web proxy. Any internet search engine can direct you to an infinite number of proxy web sites. Systems Administrators add proxy sites to their block sites list all the time, but there are always new proxies opening, so there will never be a short supply.

  13. Blocked site's URL
    Blocked site's URL

    After you have located a free web proxy, simply type the URL of the blocked site you wish to visit into the proxy’s address bar and click go.

  14. Great success
    Great success

    The proxy will load a new page consisting of two frames. The top frame contains the proxy site’s address bar, in case you want to surf to a different site. The bottom frame contains the web site that was blocked. Unless the administrator has blocked this particular web proxy, you should be able to successful bypass the block using this method.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some administrators may have a number of popular web proxies and redirection services blocked as well. If this happens to you, simply look for another one to try. The more obscure and hard to find the web proxy or redirection site is, the less likely it will be that the administrator will find it to block.
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