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How to Learn Electrical Circuits


How to Learn Electrical Circuits Online

A light fixture is a simple example of an electrical circuit in use.
A light fixture is a simple example of an electrical circuit in use.

There are many forms of online electronics training and some of them are free. The benefits of online electronics training is that you can find just the information you need without wading through material you already know, or being overwhelmed by information that is over your head. There are videos, online textbooks and tutorials, and products you can order online that will help you learn electrical circuits.


  1. Find online tutorials that teach you about electrical circuits. Websites such as Electronics Tutorials (see References) have tutorials and other information that can teach you about electrical circuits.

  2. Watch online videos about electrical circuits and related topics. Electrical-online.com and ArcAdvisor (see References and Resources) have video tutorials that show you what you need to do. Watch these at your own pace right on your computer. Pause and rewind them if something isn't clear the first time.

  3. Read online texts and articles about electrical circuits. All About Circuits has a series of textbooks you can read right in your browser, and Electrical-online.com has how-to articles on various topics related to electrical circuits. CIE Bookstore has self-paced courses, videos and DVDs you can purchase to learn more about electronics. Refer to References and Resources for links to these sites.

  4. Use online simulations. Make Electric Circuits Online has an online application that lets you build a diagram of an electrical circuit and test your knowledge.

  5. Enroll in an online training program. Online schools such as Penn Foster have apprenticeship and topical electrician training programs.

  6. Consult an online forum. Sometimes all you really need is to be able to ask an expert some questions. The Electro-Tech forum is the perfect place to do that.

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