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How to Connect Dial Up Internet Using Nokia 6600 As Modem

How to Connect Dial Up Internet Using Nokia 6600 As Modem

When the Nokia 6600 was launched in 2003, it was a top-of-the-line smart phone that include a web browser, an MP3 player and Bluetooth. Although Nokia stopped producing them in 2007, they are still sold at second-hand phone shops. If you happen to have one, a good use for it is as a modem to dial up the Internet for those times when you can't get a connection for your PC. Because it's Bluetooth enabled, you won't even need any cables to hook it up to your computer.


  1. Purchase a data plan from your mobile service carrier. This will allow you to surf the Internet or to use your phone as a modem for your computer. It usually costs between $10 and $30 as of 2010.

  2. Turn your Nokia 6600 on and press "Menu," "Bluetooth," then "Make Phone Discoverable." This will set up so that it can be paired with your computer.

  3. Turn your computer on and click on "Start Menu" and then "Control Panel" then "Add Bluetooth Device."

  4. Find your phone in the list of available devices and click "Add." Follow the Installation wizard to pair your phone and your computer.

  5. Go to the "Start Menu," on your computer and go to "Network" then go to "Network and Dial-Up Connection." At the top of the screen will be a tab that says "Network and Sharing Center." Select it and then on the left of the screen choose "Setup a Connection or Network."

  6. Choose "Setup a Dial Up Connection." For the user name and password enter "Guest" (without the quotes) if you have a mobile service provider in the United States.

  7. Enter the phone number. This you will need to get from your mobile service provider.

  8. Create a name for your connection and click "Save." Click on the connection and click the "Dial" tab. This will cause your Nokia to dial up the Internet, wait for a few seconds for it to connect and then open the browser on your computer and surf normally.

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