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How Gurus Edit Splash Screen and Name of Opera Mini

Edit Splash Screen and Name of Opera Mini


1.Open pixelformer.

2. Create new file: default(98x24) or any size you like BUT be sure that the size will not exceed on 722 BYTES.

3.Make your own design.

4.To save, click file>save export. And save it in png format. Thats it.


1. Download the file. Save it in a drive where you can easily access it using command prompt. (example, i save it in drive C)

2. Place png file you created at same C: where pngout.

3. Open command prompt.
Syntax: pngout <input.png> <output.png>
c:\pngout sampleinput.png sampleoutput.png

Or simply drag the png file to the icon of PNGOUT.EXE.. Be sure that they are on the same Folder.


1. Open the JAR FILE using WINRAR. Extract the V FILE in a any folder.
2. Open the HEX EDITOR. Open V file with it.
3. Press Ctrl + F and Search for the word PNG, than press f3 (find next) again to find next PNP.(There are only 2 PNG in the v file). Now select from ‰PNG to END®B`‚ (starts with "%PNG and end with END®B`‚)
4. Now open your PNG file with hex editor but not close V file, PNG file open in new tab. Press Ctrl + A to select all of it. And then press ctrl + c (to copy).
5. Now switch to V FILE tab and press CTRL + B (Paste Write). Now all will colored in red, now see at end at IEND®B`‚
If you see another IEND®B`‚ after some lines like in 2nd image than select it from at end or red color to IEND®B`‚
It happen when size of your PNG is less than original.
6. Goto EDIT>>FILL SECTION. Under hex-values, put 00 and then click OK.
7. And then Click FILE>>SAVE or simply Ctrl + S to save your work.
8. Open jar file with winrar and click on Add and select V file and OK.

Now you ready to run jar file to see the changes.

To Change Title Name of Opera Mini at StartPage

1. Press Ctrl + F and Search for Opera Mini.. and replace with desired name but within 10 characters.
For exp see in image I've change it to mannuforal.
If your text is less than 10 characters than press space for remain characters, for exp if name is mannu= 5 characters, than press 5 time space key to complete 10 characters.

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