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Hacking Simplified - For Those Who Want to Learn

Hacking Simplified - For Those Who Want to Learn Things From the Scratch

re There Any Hacking Facebook Or Forums That Can Help You Identify The Latest Threats In Hacking?

Fortunately, yes. You only need to input the words hack and forum in your favorite search engine and you will find lots of sites were the latest threats are discussed. But be careful. As it was stated in a previous paragraph, the hacker slang can be quite a hieroglyphic for a newbie.

If you find a forum or an IRC chat were hackers discuss their experiences and give recommendations, make sure that you understand them. If you don't, then you should take a step backward and return to the web pages where they give introductory advice to beginners.

Can You Really Become A Hacker With The Material Or Will You Land In Jail?

You can become a hacker with the material found inside the internet without spending your life in jail. As it was mentioned before, a hacker has three choices: white, grey and black hacking. As a white hacker you may be able to offer your services to different businesses as a freelancer; you will be able to show them any vulnerability in their systems.

As a grey hacker you stand in the thin line between good and evil. Although you will not end in jail for this type of activity, you could end in the "dark side" before you even notice it. In case you cross this boundary, then you will be considered a nuisance to society, and could finish with a restriction to use computers (besides a huge fine and a term in prison, of course).

Hacking is not for everyone. You need the skills, the patience and the knowledge for mastering this art. If you feel that you have what it takes to become a hacker, then start with a hacking facebook. Read it completely. As a matter of fact, devour it. Hacking requires a lot of reading so better to get accustomed to it. So, forget about that hotmail hacking guide and start doing real hacker's stuff.
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