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Gurus Phone Unlocking tricks

How Gurus Unlock a Wang 308 Cell Phone!!!

Unlocking a Wang cell phone is a simple process.
Unlock a cell phone to use a different service provider by obtaining the special access code for the phone or contacting a specialty cell phone unlock shop. To unlock a cell phone keypad, find the correct button or key combination on the keypad with help from the manager of a cell phone store in this free video on cell phones.
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Unlocking a Wang 308 cell phone makes it usable with a SIM card from another network. Cell phones are usually locked to prevent other SIM cards from working in the phone. Unlocking a phone is not illegal, although the phone companies themselves are often unwilling to unlock phones to protect their market advantage. You can unlock a phone quickly by using a variety of internet sites which provide unlocking services.

Unlocking a Wang cell phone is a simple process.


  1. Go to a site which will provide you with your unlocking code. Some include Phone Unlocking Codes, Unlock that Mobile and Unlocking Direct (see Resources).

  2. Press "#06" on your cell phone. This will provide your IMEI code, which is, in effect, the serial number of your cell phone. If dialing this number doesn't work, then you can find the IMEI code on your phone's battery between the two bar codes.

  3. Insert the IMEI code into the phone unlocking site, and follow the directions given. If the website asks you to download software, leave immediately. Reputable sites do not require you to do this. When you have completed the process, the website will send you an email with your unlocking code.

  4. Insert the unlocking codes from your email. When you have finished, to test that the unlocking has been successful, turn your phone off and replace the SIM with one belonging to another network. Turn the phone back on, and if the name of the new network appears on the screen, the unlocking has been successful.

How Gurus Unlock A Nokia Cell Phone!!

When you purchase a cell phone, the company locks the cell phone so you can't use the phone on another network, however there are ways to unlock your Nokia cell phone so you can use it on other networks. Many companies charge a fee to unlock a Nokia cell phone, however you can do it for free. Learn how to unlock your Nokia cell phone for free.


  1. Ask your Provider to Unlock A Nokia Cell Phone
    The first thing you want to do to unlock a Nokia cell phone is contact your service provider and ask for a cell phone unlock code. It is likely if you are a long time customer they may give you an unlock code for your cell phone. You can also tell them you are moving to an area where they don't have service and request a cell phone unlock code so you can continue to use your cell phone.

  2. Download Software to Unlock A Nokia Cell Phone
    If you can not get a cell phone unlock code from your provider, you will want to download software that provide cell phone unlocking codes. There cell phone unlocking services generally come as fee services that provide customer support or free software that will not help you. You should be able to use a free cell phone unlocking software to unlock a Nokia Cell Phone.

  3. Get the Serial Number to Unlock a Nokia Cell Phone
    Next, you will need to get your serial number, or IMEI number, to unlock a Nokia cell phone. This is normally found by taking the back of your cell phone or typing #06 on your Nokia phone.

  4. Follow the Software Instructions to Unlock A Nokia Cell Phone
    Now, you will want to follow the software instructions to unlock your phone. Each cell phone unlocking software will provide directions which normally involve removing the battery and SIM card, entering the code, and starting up again. Once you do that, you have successfully unlocked a Nokia cell phone.

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