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Gurus Nokia Phones And Chargers

How a Guru will Modify Nokia Phone Chargers

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All Nokia mobile phones come with a charger. This allows you to charge the cell phone with most standard electrical outlets. Although there is little to change with the equipment, you can still modify the charger by adjusting it for foreign countries or even different Nokia cell phones. You just need a few different adapters to perform the process.

How Gurus can adjust a few of the features on their mobile phone's charger.


Things You'll Need:

  • Power adapter
  • Mini USB adapter
  • Charger splitter
  1. Insert the connection jack on the Nokia charger into the adapter side of the mini USB adapter. Most new Nokia cell phones use a mini USB power port, which allows it to connect to a computer. Using this adapter with a newer cell phone allows your old adapter to charge the phone.

  2. Plug the electrical outlet end of the charger into a power adapter. There are multi-regional adapters available from local  stores that allow you to use the charger in any country or region of the world. This is extremely helpful when you are traveling.

  3. Fit the single end of the splitter onto the connection jack of the Nokia charger. This splits the power source in two different directions, allowing you to charge two different cell phones. It takes longer to charge the phones since your power is being cut in half, but it is helpful for dual-charging phones without carrying multiple chargers.

How to Properly Charge a Nokia BL-4U Battery  

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Cell phone batteries are rechargeable to allow continual use of the phone. The Nokia BL-4U battery is a lithium ion battery that fits fourteen models of phones. A 3.7-volt battery delivers 1000 milliamps per hour of power to run your cell phone applications. Your Nokia phone that includes this battery can be charged to its full capacity using a battery charger or a USB cable.

Nokia phone batteries recharge for continual use.


Things You'll Need:

  • Battery charger
  • USB cord
  • Computer
  1. Battery Charger

    • Plug the phone charger into an electrical receptacle.

    • Insert the other end of the charger into the phone charging port. Depending on the model of Nokia phone, the charging port may be on the side or bottom of the phone. The charger will only insert into the phone with the correct side up.

    • Lay the phone on a flat surface and allow it to charge the BL-4U battery fully. The charger will turn off after the battery is fully charged and a full charge will be displayed on the phone screen.

    • Disconnect the charger from the phone and the electrical receptacle.

  2. USB Cable

    • Insert the large end of the USB cable into a USB port on your computer. The port should say USB near it and may be inside a door on the front of the computer.

    • Insert the small end of the USB cable into the phone charging port on the bottom or side of the Nokia phone.

    • Set the phone on a flat surface nearby.

    • Unplug both ends of the cable when the phone is fully charged.

Tips & Warnings

  • Leaving your Nokia phone on while it is charging allows you to see the battery indicator rising to know that the battery is charging.

  • Some models of Nokia phones have a display of "Fully Charged" or "Charging Complete" that appears on the screen when the battery obtains a full charge.

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