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Essential way of Hacking by using Backdoor.

Essential way of Hacking by using Backdoor.

First of all, i will tell u gurus what a backdoor is.

A back door is a means of access to a computer program that bypasses security mechanisms.

A programmer may sometimes install a back door so that the program can be accessed remotely for troubleshooting or other purposes. However, attackers often use back doors that they detect or install themselves, as part of an exploit.

In some cases, a worm is designed to take advantage of a back door created by an earlier attack. For example, Nimda gained entrance through a back door left by Code Red.

Whether installed as an administrative tool or a means of attack, a back door is a security risk, because there are always crackers out there looking for any vulnerability to exploit.
In her article "Who gets your trust?" security consultant Carole Fennelly uses an analogy to illustrate the situation: "Think of approaching a building with an elaborate security system that does bio scans, background checks, the works. Someone who doesn't have time to go through all that might just rig up a back exit so they can step out for a smoke -- and then hope no one finds out about it."

A proxy server is a method by which computers talk to each other. An open proxy is a backdoor that has been opened in a computer network (either by a friendly or unfriendly method), meaning that the network's Internet access can be used by authorized personnel within the network or, if the backdoor is not well-protected or is unknown, by malicious access from anywhere in the world outside the network. Unknown backdoors can be installed on a personal computer, desktop or laptop.


The purpose of a backdoor is to get around the security measures installed to protect a computer system and allow access into the system from the outside. If the backdoor was opened by a piece of spyware, then that spyware was programmed to sniff out standard security programming and disable a part of the security program that recognizes and blocks an unauthorized attempt to access that computer and its network. If the backdoor was opened by a live person sitting at the computer, then the recognition pattern was disabled manually.

Malicious programs that open backdoors can be found in emails, ad banners, web sites, and downloads, sometimes without the knowledge of the website or download owner, or without the knowledge of the email author. In general, Trojan Horse is used for this purpose.

In the past,backdoors were only a problem for IT (Information Technology) Managers in large corporations, universities, and government facilities where sometimes hundreds of computers are linked together under one roof or between geographically separated offices.

Today families and small businesses network their computers, as do libraries, clinics, rehab hospices, retirement homes, and local law enforcement departments. Even isolated computers are susceptible to invasion through the covert installation of malicious programs that open a passage through the computer's firewall.

There are programs that spend 24 hours a day surfing the Web in search of unprotected and unknown backdoors. They run around "pinging" IP's until they find one that sends back a signal indicating that access can be granted. A program such as CallerIP scans all the ports (where your modem or cable or telephone is plugged in) on your system and alerts you to any malicious backdoors that can provide unauthorized access to your computer.

Uses of a backdoor:

I have added a list of all things a hacker can do after installing backdoor in Access computer remotely using backdoor.



As a hacker, backdoor serves you the best in hacking. By using backdoor one can remotely access anyones computer without his permission provided backdoor is installed on it.

Now why it is necessary to hide backdoors???
Backdoors since used by hackers are considered as hacktool by all antiviruses.

The antiviruses on detecting any backdoor while scanning, display or delete it as a virus since a normal computer doesnt contain any backdoor. Hence, all the backdoor hiding efforts are done to avoid antiviruses from detecting it.
Enjoy HaCkInG

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