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How to Use Software Tutorials

There are many types of tutorials for different types of software applications. Some tutorials are made into movies that can be viewed on the computer screen, some are interactive tutorials that require the user to perform an action in order to continue and others are documents with step-by-step instructions that the user can refer to while working with the software. Regardless of the type chosen, software tutorials make it easier for users to learn how to use software programs.


    Use Software Tutorials

  1. Decide on the areas in which you need assistance. You might be having problems with a program or there may be a feature of your operating system you are trying to understand. Figuring out what exactly you are having problems with will help you choose the right tutorial.

  2. Check your software for a built-in tutorial. Most programs have built-in tutorials that are easily accessible and detailed enough to help you understand how to use the different features. The tutorials are usually accessible through the "Help" menu.

  3. Look for a tutorial within your operating system. If you need help with a feature of your operating system, you can use the built-in tutorials. The location of the tutorials will depend on the operating system you are using.

  4. Visit the developer's website. If there is an aspect of your software that you need help with, you may be able to find a tutorial on the software developer's website. Search for the subject with which you need help. You may be able to find this in the technical support area of the website.

  5. Choose the type of tutorial you want. Movie tutorials allow you to see the software program in action, interactive tutorials help you to practice what you are learning as you go along and non-interactive, document-like, tutorials enable you to get to the topic you are interested in much faster.

  6. Look for tutorials you can download from the internet. Check that your computer has the minimum requirements to use these tutorials without any problems. Note that some of these tutorials will require a payment.

  7. Search for tutorials you can take on the Internet. There are many such tutorials. Because you can take them online, they save you the space you would need on your hard drive if you had to download them, and you can access them from any computer that is Internet ready.

How to Learn to Type for Kids Software

Learn to Type for Kids


There are many learn to type for kids software programs available these days. These programs make it easier for your children to learn typing. Some of these software programs you will have to purchase while other typing resources such as learn to type tutorials are available online for free. Although it is always a good time to start teaching your children to type, you should note that most children won't take much interest until the age of ten. Here are some helpful pointers to help your child learn typing.


  1. Purchase typing software for your child. Keep in mind the age level the software was designed for. Here is a brief list to choose from: For 7 to 11 year olds you can try "Disney's Adventure in Typing with Timon and Pumba." For children aged 11 to adult you can purchase "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing."

  2. Use free online typing lessons and tutorials. Check out "Learn2Type" at http://kidslearn2type.com. If you need more help in selecting typing software for children then you may browse through all the reviews at http://www.computingwithkids.com.

  3. Don't put pressure on your kids when it comes to typing. Stay positive and keep looking for fun and interesting ways to promote your child's keyboarding practice. Always be on the lookout for new software and online typing resources.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before purchasing typing software make sure it is compatible with your operating system on your computer.

How to Use Kid Pix Software

Kid Pix, a creative, artistic and educational software, allows kids to add all types of creations onto a virtual canvas. Kids can draw, paint, type and add moving pictures as well as sound. "The Learning Company Kid Pix Deluxe 4" is for ages four and up. Easy to learn and navigate, kids have fun exploring their options while creating masterpieces. Follow these steps to use Kid Pix.


  1. Load Kid Pix Software onto your computer. It's Windows XP and Macintosh compatible. Then type your name in the required field and press enter.

  2. Go to the Help menu and click on the "Getting Started" video. Watch this helpful tutorial.

  3. Locate your canvas, the large, blank, white area where you add your creations. On the left side of your canvas you can find your menu, containing illustrations of each art tool, including drawing, painting, stickers, stamps, animations and more. Run your mouse over each picture and the word pops up telling you what it is.

  4. Click on an art tool. At the bottom of your canvas, choose how thick you want your tool. Then choose a color by scrolling over the paint blob in the bottom left corner of your screen.

  5. Move your mouse over the bald-headed man's face, located just above the color menu, if you want to make a correction. The small eraser allows you to erase just part of your picture. The large eraser clears your entire work.

  6. Choose the dog icon to create animation in your picture. At the bottom of your canvas, scroll through the menu of animations, then choose one and drag it with your mouse onto your canvas. Click on the play button, lower left in the rectangle, to start your animation.

  7. Run your mouse over the green arrow play button at the bottom right of your screen to turn on animation and sound.

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