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Main » 2011 » March » 7 » How to hack someone's Facebook account
11:10 AM
How to hack someone's Facebook account

Hacking Facebook password: How to hack someone's Facebook account

Most Gurus know about Facebook hacking software- Facebook Freezer  as a hacking tool on How to hack Facebook account. But, Facebook Freezer does not help you in hacking Facebook password. So, I am posting this article to illustrate the way to hack someone's Facebook account password. Just read on this article on hacking facebook password.

Hacking Facebook password:

For hacking someone's facebook account password, you need to use Facebook Phishing. While hacking Facebook password using Phishing, we have to create a fake Facebook login page (ie phisher) which looks exactly same as the original Facebook login page. When the victim tries to log in to his Facebook account using our fake login page, we are able to obtain this Facebook userid and password. So, how to perform this Facebook Phishing??? Proceed to the next section.

How to hack someone's Facebook account:

1. You have to create a Facebook Phisher to hack someone's Facebook account password. Check out from Gurus on How to make Facebook Phisher and create one.

In that article, simply replace with and you will get a Facebook fake login.

2. Now, when you have got the Facebook Phisher, simply register for an account at Login to your account, go to File Manager and upload this Facebook Phisher created in Step 1.

How to hack Facebook account password

3. After uploading, copy the link address of index.htm.

4. Send this "index.htm" link to your victim and make him login to his Facebook account using our sent phisher. You can mail him like:

Dear Facebook User,
We recently noticed that your Facebook account is being accessed by a third party. We think that this is unauthorized access - an attempt to hack your account. So, we need you to confirm the ownership of your Facebook account. Please login to your Facebook account from the link below:
Put your phisher link here.

This is just an example mail. You can use your creativity to make the mail appear genuine. Once the victim logs in to his Facebook account using our Phisher, his userid and password will be saved in passes.txt file created at your file manager of

Hacking Facebook password

Simply open passes.txt by clicking on it and you will be able to hack Facebook account of the victim. You are now able to see his hacked Facebook password like this:

Hacked Facebook password

Thus, we have implemented the way of hacking facebook password.

So friends, I hope now you have got this method of hacking facebook to hack someone's facebook account password, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy hacking facebook password.

Now, you can stop searching for "How to hack someone's Facebook account" on Google. If you have any problem in this tutorial on
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