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Main » 2011 » February » 11 » Gurus Phone Chargers
9:12 PM
Gurus Phone Chargers

How Gurus Use a Cell Phone As a Li-Ion Charger!!!

You can use your cell phone to charge other lithium-ion batteries
cell phone image by Mat Hayward from

Most cell phones now use a lithium-ion (li-ion) battery. This is because the batteries are smaller, lighter and hold a longer charge than other battery types. Although your cell phone is capable of charging its own battery, you may be able to charge other batteries with the equipment. As long as it is another lithium-ion battery and you have an appropriate adapter, you can perform the charge yourself.


Things You'll Need:

  • Battery adapter
  • Cell phone charger
  1. Remove the current lithium-ion battery from your cell phone. On one side of the phone it states the voltage. When charging another battery, you want it to have a similar voltage; otherwise, the mobile phone is unable to charge the equipment.

  2. Purchase an adapter designed for your cell phone and the desired battery. Many of these adapters fit several different battery sizes

  3. Slide the lithium-ion battery into the adapter, and then connect the adapter to your mobile phone.

  4. Plug the phone charger into the mobile phone's power port. Plug it into a local outlet. The phone now charges the lithium-ion battery.

How to Correctly Charge a Cell Phone Battery

A cell phone battery should be properly charged to ensure optimal battery performance.
cell phone image by Alexey Klementiev from

Cell phones are powered by battery packs. The most common types of battery packs for cell phone are rechargeable NiMH, NiCD and Li-Ion battery packs. When a cell phone battery is new, it should be conditioned three times. Conditioning the battery ensures the full cell capacity of the battery is being utilized. After the battery has been initially conditioned, the battery can be charged using a charger for as little or as long as desired.

A cell phone battery should be properly charged to ensure optimal battery performance.


  1. Conditioning Process

    • Plug the charging cord into the charging port. The charging port is typically located on the side or bottom of a cell phone and may be a circular or USB charging port.

    • Plug the charging cord into an energy source. Depending on the type of cord, this power source could be an electrical outlet, 9 volt cigarette lighter or a USB port.

    • Allow the battery to fully charge. Look at the charging indicator light to ensure the phone is charging. Most phones will beep or display a message when the battery is charged. Remove the charging cord from the phone.

    • Use the phone in the same manner you normally would. Do not charge the phone until the battery is almost dead. Locate the battery power indicator in the right hand corner of the cell phone. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator icon will be full. When the battery is half full, the battery icon will indicate this. When the battery indicator indicates the battery is less than a quarter of the way charged, recharge the phone until it is fully charged. Complete this process a total of three times.

  2. Charging A Conditioned Cell Phone

    • Plug the charger into the cell phone. Plug the charger into a power source.

    • Allow the charger to charge the battery for any desired amount of time.

    • Remove the charger once the battery is charged to the desired level.

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