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Here Are The The Largest Dams In South Africa And The World

In this post, I am going to list all the largest dams in South Africa. Most of these dams are for domestic and irrigation purposes while other ones are used to generating power for electricity (hydropower).

For a dam to be classified as large, it must meet certain criteria such as the height and impounds.

Dams with a height of more than 15 meters are mostly considered. Moreover, some dam reservoirs between the height of 5 - 15 meters and impounding more than three (3) million cubic meters are also considered.

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One interesting thing you will see about this list of dams in South Africa is that the majority of them (over 74 percent) are Earthfill dams while the remaining 26 percent is made up of Rockfill, concrete arch, and concrete gravity dams.

Great Dams In South Africa

Also, you will get to know more about the biggest dam in South Africa which is the Vanderkloof Dam having a height of 108 meters and is located on the Orange River.

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The following are the largest dams in South Africa according to thebusinessalert.com:

1. Gariep Dam

2. Vanderkloof Dam

3. Sterkfontein Dam

4. Vaal Dam

5. Pongolapoort/Jozini Dam

6. Bloemhof Dam

7. Kruismansrivier Dam

8. Theewaterskloof Dam

9. Greater Brandvlei Dam

10. Heyshope Dam

11. Woodstock Dam

12. Loskop Dam

13. Grootdraai Dam

14. De Hoop Dam

15. Kalkfontein Dam


Source: https://thebusinessalert.com/largest-dams-south-africa/.

Other Important Dam Resources:











The Gariep Dam is one of the biggest in South Africa. It is a concrete gravity-arch hydro dam. The dam was originally called the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam.

It is located close to a town named Norvalspont and borders Eastern Cape and Free State provinces.

When was Gariep Dam built? The construction of the reservoir began in 1965 and commissioned in 1971.

The Gariep Dam is owned by the South African Department of Water Affairs.

The main purpose of the Gariep Dam is for energy generation, irrigation, industrial and domestic uses.

But how long is the Gariep Dam? This dam is 88 meters high, a length of 914 meters, and a total water capacity of 5,340,600 mega-liters. The dam having the largest surface area in South Africa is the Gariep dam (352 million meters square).









How full is the Vaal Dam? The dam can hold a maximum of 2,609,800,00 cubic meters of water. It has a height of 54.2 meters and occupies a surface area of 320 kilometers square.

When was the Vaal Dam Built? The dam was constructed in the year 1938 as a joint venture by the South African Department of Water Affairs and Rand Water.

Where is the Vaal Dam situated? The Vaal Dam in South Africa is situated about 77 kilometers south of Johannesburg and stretches across three (3) provinces: Free State, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga.

The Vaal Dam water levels are almost always high.

Because large floods are expected to occur on the Vaal River, a spillway capacity of 25,00 cubic meters/s was created.





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